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Local Bike Rides

Local Road Bike Riding

A great way to experience the Pocono Mountains is via road bike. Road biking in our area can be extremely fun and very rewarding. We have lots of hills and one can climb 1000's of feet on a single ride. We have tried to create routes on more of the 'lesser' traveled roadways to minimize the exposure to vehicles. Some of the roads aren't so bad with plenty of shoulder while others will have traffic with little or no shoulder at all. When in doubt, drive your car first on the selected route and see if it is in your ability. There is safety in numbers, so riding with a group is always better than alone. Give us a call when you're planning on riding and we might be able to hook you up with other riders. Most importantly have fun and stay safe.

Local Road Riding

Local Mountain Biking

As you drive around the Pocono Mountains, one can't help but notice we have woods... Lots of woods. You can imagine the amount of trails we have winding through those woods, and what better way to explore than on the saddle of a bike. We have posted a few of the trails you can head out and explore.
There were many more single track rides but the PA State Game Commission and the Behtlehem Watershed has decided mt bikers are detrimental to the hunters, game and environment, therefore not allowing biking on any single-track trails within these areas. They are allowing biking on logging roads however, during the spring and fall hunting season be smart and wear orange. There is no hunting on Sundays in Pennsylvania. Please respect their wishes so they don't take away all of our riding privileges. It is their land and we are guests... let's not spoil it.
Remember to leave no trace and pack out any trash you bring in. We are working on getting other trails established so stay tuned and give us a call when in doubt. In the meantime stay safe, wear a helmet, and carry a cell phone in case you get lost or need assistance. Give us a call when you're heading out and we'll try and hook you up with other riders that know the area.

Local Mountain Biking